Another Great Concept Phone: Nokia Gem


Just one day after displaying the concept phone “HumanForm” Nokia has decided to give us a peak at another concept phone they have been working on, the Nokia Gem.

The Gem is a simple concept really and seems to be the middle step in between what is in your hand now and the “HumanForm” phone. It is an all display phone where all surfaces are used in your phone. According to the video it seems to be a Symbian device (based on the icons they are using) and in the future your default text message notification will still be the exact same tone that Nokia uses today.

Check out the video below to see what I am talking about…Keep your eye out for the way photo’s are deleted and information is shared between phones.  This is something that Nokia has the capability to make happen RIGHT NOW. (hint, hint)



Making the back of a phone a screen I’d imagine shouldn’t be to hard, the sides would be a little harder.  Trying to figure out how to lock the back screen and the side screen when you only want to use the front screen and vice versa……That is where the real challenge lies.

Via: Nokia Connects