Great Interview With Stephen Elop by GigaOM


Over at GigaOM they had an opportunity to sit down and interview Stephen Elop Nokia’s CEO. It’s a great and extensive interview that lasts 17 minutes…Have 17 minutes to spend watching it? I suggest you do, it is well worth your time.  You can watch it here.

Don’t have the time? Here is a super brief take away of what I thought was the high points of this interview.


Elop stated that:

1) Nokia is now determined to keep timeline promises it makes and  deliver phones faster. AKA: Announcing Windows Phone at Nokia World and than selling them the same week.

2) Specialized phones for US market…Finally Nokia has recognized the US as a different market than the rest of the world and will bring unique phones to the US Market. (Perhaps the rumored Nokia Ace phone is one of them?? fingers crossed)

3) Reconfirmed at some point the swiping gestures from MeeGo will get transferred into a phone OS again. (wouldn’t say what OS or give a time frame)

4) No commitment to Microsoft to use Windows 8 on tablets. When asked about Nokia future with tables he didn’t give a lot of information but he would say that the Microsoft contract only covered phones not tablets.

Via: GigaOM