Nokia Sword (aka 710) Heading to T-Mobile, Verizon Too?


According to  WMPoweruser T-Mobile has confirmed that they will begin carrying the Nokia 710 under the Moniker “Sword” starting in January in both black and white. This is really a great sign for Nokia that they are now rolling out phones only two months after the official launch here in the US. (This is much quicker than last year with the N8)

There is also rumors floating about that Nokia will make the 710 available at Verizon around the same time.   All this talk about the 710 and no talk about the 800 makes me think that Nokia is waiting for the CES in early January to unveil the rumored Nokia 900 (aka Ace) on the US.

With it’s rumored 4.3 inch screen it would make perfect fit to attack the US Market, and reintroduce Nokia to a largely unaware US consumer base.

Via:  WMPoweruser