A Symbian Users Wish List For Windows Phone


After reading the rumors that Nokia has big hand in Windows Phone Apollo I started to think about things that I would change If I had input into building Apollo. Here is list of few things I would like to see.


1) Folders, Folders, Folders: I would like to see folders on the first level and second level of Windows Phones. On the first level (main screen) folders would be great for organizing.  For example I have games I keep on my phone for my kid to play, and they are only on there for him. I like to keep them in their own  folder so they are easy to find. A folder pinned to the home screen would be great for that!

On the second level you need folders for the purpose of not getting overwhelmed with programs. I mean who wants to scroll through 75 programs to find just one?


2) Real Feeds on the Home Screen: On the current Windows Phone home screen it tells you have mail but you have no idea what it is. On the current Symbian Anna screen the first few email’s subject line shows up on your homescreen, same thing with your Twitter/Facebook feed. If you want to make the phone truly “glanceable” this is a must.


3) Control on Where Your Hub Tile Takes You: Every Hub tile takes you to a somewhere in the Hub that is predetermined by the phone. (normally the most recent) For some of us this is great and for other of us this just doesn’t work. It would be simple fix to put a setting in so you can control what is the “Start Screen” for that hub.


4) A Tile on the Homescreen With Four Contacts/Apps of Your Choice:  I know, I know you can pin whoever/whatever you want to your homescreen however it would be nice to one box with four contacts are apps in it for the sake of convenience.  They could even be static and be your most used apps and contacts just like the two bars that come with Nokia Universal Search.

Why push the People tile just to get to this list, when it could be right on the homescreen? Less clicks, easier to use isn’t that what Windows Phone is supposed to be about?


5) Themes, Themes, Themes:  As any Symbian user can tell you themes are great way to personalize your phone and keep it fresh.  However with Windows Phone there is not such option, Metro is the only “theme” you have. The question is why? As a Symbian user if I hear that a Windows Phone is running the Metro layout I assume this means that there are other layouts/themes to choose from…sadly this is not the case.

I don’t think this would be that hard to do and would not detract from Window Phone at all if done right as seen here.


I have one more wish directed more at Nokia and less for Windows Phone itself. Can we please have an N8 type Windows Phone?  After using the N8’s camera for a little while the 8mp camera is kind of a let down. (Nokia you set the bar super high for what I think a cameraphone should do. Now we expect it…You only have yourself to plame for this one) Don’t get me wrong the Lumia 800 is one sexy phone and I want one however…Please make a Windows Phone that can house a 14mp camera with a huge sensor.

I am sure you have other things you would like to see on a Nokia Windows Phones. Would would you put into Apollo if you where on the design team?