Anna 1/2 Update Not Installing? Problem Solved


During the Anna update I keep getting the same error message over and over and over again…..Anna 1/2 update could not install.  From getting  Tweets from you guys (and gals) it was brought to my attention that I was not alone in this issue.

I decided  to contact Nokia Care about this and like magic a solution appeared. I was directed to this post on the discussion board :

Hi all,

here’s some help if you have some problems with Symbian Anna 1/2 failing to install.

What should I do if I get an error message that the installation of the Symbian Anna 1/2 installation pack failed?

There are two solutions on how to resolve this issue:

1) We have distributed a new version of the Symbian Anna 1/2 installation pack, that you can easily download by using the software update application on your phone (which is visible under Menu>Applications>Software Update on N8 & E7 or Menu>Applications>Tools>Software Update for C6-01 & C7). Note: If you have used the Software Update app in the last 24 hours, please reset the cache by changing the date of your phone to a date 4 weeks from now.

2) Even if you got the message that the update failed, most of the content did get installed nevertheless. The only applications missing are QuickOffice and Adobe pdf reader. To finish the installation for those, you can download QuickOffice and the Adobe pdf reader via the following links:



I tested this and it works! I hope this work anyone still having this issue like it worked for me.