A Nokia MeeGo Phone Was Slated for Verizon


Over at This is my next (soon to be The Verge) they had an interesting post that suggested that Nokia could soon be making CDMA phones for Verizon and that is a compelling story in it’s own right. However, I would like to concentrate on one nugget of information they leaked.

“We’ve learned from people familiar with the matter that the “Sea Ray” codename has an interesting history inside Nokia. The phone you see today is very different from the original Sea Ray….a MeeGo-based device that had been tapped for Verizon. “

This means that before the Windows Phone decision was made that Nokia had a deal with Verizon to release a MeeGo N9 like device.  Which really means that MeeGo WAS full steam ahead up until eight months ago.

I don’t know how I really feel about this knowing that MeeGo was so close to being THE major platform for Nokia.  Since I haven’t gotten my hands on an N9 or a Nokia Windows Phone I will hold of on that editorial. I can tell you one thing I am impressed by how quickly Nokia switched tracks and cranked out a Window Phone in less than eight months.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing? How do you feel now that you know this information?  Sound off in the comments.

Via: This is my Next