Nokia Sabre Picture? I Am Thinking No


Over at Pocket Now they have received this picture with information that suggests that  it is the Nokia Sabre. I could be wrong but I am thinking that it’s just a prototype as it states right on the phone.

This phone doesn’t even look like it’s close to being a production model. There is way too much real estate at bottom of this phone even the new “low end” 600 has a smaller amount of phone under the screen. All the tiles are straight up Microsoft tiles with no Nokia branding or pure font.

Their source also stated that “Sabre features a 1.4GHz processor much like recent wave-two devices, 1GB of RAM, a 3.5-inch WVGA screen..” which all seems pretty reasonable expect that I believe the minimum screen size for a Windows Phone is 3.7 inches. I can’t find anywhere to back that up so if anyone knows that answer for sure help me out in the comments.

Also stated that the Sabre has a 5mp camera and  should cost around 300-350 EU (around $410-$480).

Now I could be way off base here and this could in fact be the Sabre…Perhaps that little bit of black in the upper left hand corner means the phone itself is covered in a white plastic film. (this would also explain the lack of  Windows buttons on the bottom)  I am guessing this phone would look entirely different with that film off, and underneath that there might be a beautiful phone.

I could be right or I could be wrong….We will find out in less than a week at Nokia World and I can’t wait!!

Via: Pocket Now 

Update: I was informed by a few people that 3.7 inches is not the minimum specs for a Windows Phone screen.  In Fact Robin Ashe  (one of our readers) was kind enough to give not one, but two examples of such phones The LG Quantum and 7 Pro. I verified that both phones in fact only have a 3.5 inch screen. Thanks for the tip Robin!!