Nokia Bubbles Trial Has “Concluded”


In news from Nokia Beta Labs, it was announced earlier today that Nokia Bubbles has “concluded”.  Here is the quote from Nokia itself on why.

We have now decided not to integrate Bubbles to products and are concluding the experimental beta trial here at Nokia Beta Labs.  Although mostly working as defined, Bubbles has its usability, performance and stability challenges which would require further development effort.

This is a real shame, I absolutely love Nokia Bubbles. It is currently running on my N8 and I have call “the best unlock screen ever”.  Here is a quick demo of what Bubbles does from Nokia Beta Lab.

I am still am not quite sure why Bubbles trial has concluded it was such an innovative app. People where always amazed by it and tell me how cool it was every time they saw it in use the first time.

Via:  Nokia Beta Labs