Nokia 700 Available on Amazon! Confused, Excited and Bewildered


Alright Nokia Fans in the US you can now order the Nokia 700 for $359.00 on, plus it comes with a US Warranty!! This gets me excited!! I didn’t even think you would be able to get any of the “Belle Trio” here in the US much less from a company like Amazon, and you can choose between the black or the white.

Here is where the confused and Bewildered comes in…look up top (go ahead I’ll wait….done? Good lets move on) See the “Usually Ships within 1 to 2 Months” part? This make me think that this is a pre-order for an American version of the 700 and perhaps, just perhaps the 600, and 701 could be coming soon also.

My pre-order speculation was confirmed by a anonymous source who told me that Amazon does not have this item in stock yet at their warehouses.

So if you want to order one up click here for the black one, and here for the white one.