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Engadget Does a “Camera Showdown” and Fails

Yesterday Engadget did a camera showdown between the iPhone4, iPhone4S, GalaxyS II, Amaze 4G, and the N8. I was actually really pumped to see this article come out till…..I read it.

This article is a full on iPhone 4s love fest. Ok, so that is nothing new a lot of bloggers drink the Apple Kool Aid on a daily basis, so what is my real issue with this article?  Every single picture taken with the N8 is blurry and no one caught this before it went to press. I have been experimenting with my N8 and the only thing that it could have possibly been is they didn’t use the two stage camera button properly, this would have let the N8 focus BEFORE the picture was taken. (Come on guys really?? You don’t know how a two stage camera button works?)  See all the photos here.

Some Engadget reads have gone as far as calling this article rigged and that the N8 was set up to fail. I don’t believe that at all I just believe that this article was rushed to press too quickly just to be first on the scene with this camera showdown.

Engadget lets have  an editor look at stuff BEFORE you post it. This entire article is  now null and void. I am calling out Engadget to redo this article in it’s entirety and but only after they pull this one.

Via:  Engadget