Future Nokia Windows Phones Could Leave You “Speechless”


Over at konttoristhoughts Konttori (Nokia Employee) himself had I lot say on his post. His thoughts on the future of Nokia Windows Phone leads me to believe that current smart phones of today will look like relics of a by gone era by 2013.

He had this to say about future Windows Phone hardware:

” I have started already working part time in the smart devices organization (that’s windows phones in nokia terms) in forward center. Work that I’m doing now is at the moment revolving around hardware problems now than software…It is very exciting work indeed.

We are looking at the devices coming out in 2013 / 2014 now and the tech for that time is something mind boggling……When I’m looking at the next generation of CPU/GPU combinations, I’m almost speechless on what could be done with them…2013 onwards, industry will make a huge leap in CPU and GPU power and start being close to PS3 & Xbox power levels.

This leap of power will usher a new age for mobile devices – if we play our cards right (I mean, as the industry, not only as Nokia). Display technology is advancing at immense rates. Transparent and flexible OLEDs seem to raise so many opportunities that it makes my imagination just tingle of working to set the playground ready for the next innovations on the software front. “

Not much I can add here but WOW!! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Nokia.

Via: konttoristhoughts