3500 Improvements Coming to an N9 Near You!


Over at konttoristhoughts Konttori (Nokia Employee) himself had I lot say on his post however the best part of this post for right now are his thoughts on the N9 software:

“Software has been complete since summer, but some surprise issues had been helding the sales start for some time. .. First update release is complete, we will be distributing fruits of it to developers soon and end users a bit further down the road..Improvements are a legion…. I counted around 3500 improvements (fixes or features) to be in the release.”

There were also other interesting nuggets of information that could be gleamed from this post in the comment section.

When asked about the future of the MeeGo UX he had this to say:

¬†“Yes, the UX will continue on, as has been stated multiple times.
Based on Meego? I dare not comment”

So good news and great news…Not only will Nokia continue to improve the N9 but, right now it looks like Nokia will take the N9 UX and port it to other OS’s.

Via: konttoristhoughts