Introduce Yourself: Hello My Name is Kevin and I’m a Nokia Geek



Hello everyone,

I just wanted to take a minute and introduce myself to the group. Clearly I am a writer here and I am a GIANT Nokia geek.  I would like to give you a little more background above and beyond that.

I started to write about Nokia on my own personal site NokiaKnowings.  I started simply because I wanted Nokia information and it seemed the only way to get it was to hunt all over the web for it, one site at a time.  Not only was this madding for me but it was also VERY time consuming, so I thought to myself  “Self.. (cause what else would you call yourself?)  If you are sick of looking all over the web  for Nokia information there must be others out there just like you.”  So the logical conclusion from that line of thought is to take up even MORE of my time and start a site so others can benefit from my obsession with Nokia. (right?)

Long story short I was invited to Nokia Unfenced, (side note there is video of me and Lenny riding a mechanical bull in that link)  had a great time and meet some amazing people. That was the start of me leaving the solitary life of a one man team and joining a real team over here at Nokia Innovation.

So what exactly can you expect from me? You ask…I am that guy that does the quick “hit and run” pieces for the site. Not too long, not too in depth, but everything you need to know in one brief post.  I try to write in my own style I like to call “infotainment” (that is the information you need in a entertaining style you want) I strive to give you the Nokia news with an added bit of my own  analyses.

I like and encourage feedback (positive or negative) let me know if I missed something, you have an idea for a story, or even if I just misspelled something

This could be given at many places:

This site’s Facebook page, this site’s Google+ page, my personal Google+ page, this site’s Twitter account, and finally my personal Twitter account.  Or you could away just leave a comment on the post itself they are checked several times a day.

Anyway, thanks for reading and making me a part of your day every-time you click on one of my posts. It is greatly appreciated!