App Review: Universal Search/ Aka Another Beta Labs Homerun!


Over at Nokia Beta Labs they have come up with another killer app for your Symbian smart phone called “Universal Search”.  This is a search bar that will automatically searchs your phone, apps, and the web.  Plus there is a “smart contacts bar” and a “smart apps bar” that comes with this app. These bars will automatically take your most used 12 contacts and most used 12 apps and place them on your home screen for you.

I can describe to you for days what this app does or you can just watch this video:


Want some more information on Universal Search? Than click here.

Right now it is classified as an experimental app and sadly I believe is “invite only”  but I am not quite sure about that.  If you want to try to download it click here.

I have been using Universal Search for a little bit now and it hasn’t slowed down  N8 at all. In fact I am truly loving this app. and I believe after a few days with it on your phone you will not be able to live without it either.