Nokia Windows Phone This Qtr. What Does it Really Mean For Nokia?


According to Nokia President Stephen Elop Nokia will be releasing a Nokia Windows Phone this Quarter. Most expect it to be the Nokia Searay running Windows Phone 7.5. (aka Mango)

Will you see it in your country this year?? Probably Not. Does this make the release any less significant?  Nope, this release is a giant step forward for Nokia who was stuck in limbo for the past ten months, after rushing the Windows Phone announcement out for Mobile World Congress. This premature announcement of  Windows Phone is coming combined with the Symbian is dead vibe the Nokia put out was one of the major contributing factors to lackluster sales in 2011. (in my opinion)

This release of  Windows Phones should get Nokia shelf space in major carrier stores again, which will translate directly into sales in key markets next year.  I am hoping the Searay is just a prototype Windows Phone and they announce something totally new at Nokia World at the end of the month.  Nokia only gets one shot to wow the general population with Windows Phone, let’s hope Mr. Elop bring a bazooka to Nokia World and not a pee shooter.

Via:  CNBC