App Review: Puppy Talk by picoBrothers


Think of all the tasks that your phone does for you during the day: You surf the web, pay your bills, listen to your favorite music, update your facebook status, use it as flashlight, heck you might even make a phone call on it every once and a while! Brush aside all those things aside (if you are a parent of a preschooler) because now it can……. occupy your child for minutes at a time!!

That’s right parents you too can enjoy a solid ten minutes of peace (sorry no quiet) with picoBrothers new free app Puppy Talk.  It is a very simple app you (or your child) speak into the phone and that cute little puppy up there will repeat whatever you just said in a slightly higher voice and faster. I know, I know it doesn’t sound like much however… will keep your child amazed for 5 to even 15 minutes while you do crazy things like, hear yourself think for the first time in a week!

If you do not have a child this app will seem silly and totally useless to you however for everyone else enjoy all that free time that Puppy Talk will bring!