In Praise of the Media Button

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Every-time I get a new Nokia phone to test I really miss one thing about my 5800……it’s that little, tiny, almost unnoticeable “button” up top there right above the screen and below the front facing camera.

That my friends is the media button! (start the recorded “studio audience” clapping)  One click and I get a shortcut to my music, photos, videos, the web, and all of the phones uploading features. This button works at anytime and in any screen in on the phone. It is one of the most overlooked features on the 5800.

If you have a 5800 you take it for granted. If you show it to your friends it’s still fun to watch them get jealous of a feature on your 2 to 3 year old phone that no other modern Android, Apple, or Blackberry phone has. Nokia has even stopped using this button on their phones and the question is why?

So that raises a better question……Is there any-other features that Nokia once had, that you loved, and they disappeared for one reason or another??  Let me know what they are in comments below.