App Review: Vhome

“V Style”

Vhome is a great FREE app that totally changes the look of your phone. It was recently updated to make it even better than previous versions. I will give you the breakdown on it, plus a video of it in action after the break.

VHome or Voyager Home app is great free app that totally changes your Nokia phone. It titles your front screen much like Windows Phones and the rest of your phone looks like iOS.

There are also two other “main screens” for you to choose from in this app.

“Classic Home Screen”


“Retro Clock”

All the basics are on your home screen in a fresh fashion: Time, dialer, contacts, Messenger/Text messages, Twitter, weather, web browser and even your camera. I really like the interface of this home screen it feels neat and clean. Than, all you have to do is swipe to the right and you will get into all your apps in iOS fashion. You can still organize these apps in a Symbian way with folders and such. Vhome will also allow you as many home screens as you want, this is a nice touch to keep all of you apps organized.

Here is a quick demo:

Want to download for your phone? Follow this link.