End of Unlimited Data? Track that usage!!


Nokia Conversations (Nokia’s Official Blog) recently did a story about how the Unlimited Data plans are going away end of american unlimited data plans. Which got me thinking on how best to control data and the cost of data in the least painful way possible. I have searched and have come up with two solutions….

I will give you the cheaper solution first, I mean that is what this story is all about, saving money.

The first App to help you is called “Data Monitor Free” which should give you a clue on the cost of this app. I have tested this app out for several days and it is a solid basic Data Monitor.

As you can see, it will track all your data coming in and out of your phone. All you have to do is remember to reset the monitor at the correct time every month. There is also a ticker that will sit on homescreen so you can always keep track of your usage.

The ticker works great however, if have shell on your phone it might get positioned over important information. As in the screen below where it covered up my signal strength and carrier. However if you spend the extra .99 cents for the premium version it will allow you to to configure and position the ticker window, set a usage alert, select the network to be monitored (GPRS/WiFi) and so on.  I.E. you could move it if you wanted to. You can download the free version here.   Data Monitor Free

Want an even easier way to track your data usage? Want your phone to warn you when you are about to go over your data plan? Than go with  SPB Wireless Monitor, like everything else SPB does it’s not cheap. However, you rarely have buyer’s remorse because the software is that good. SPB made a demo to show you what this software does that explains it better than I ever could so, we will let them do it. This video is for the Android version however the Symbian version is pretty much the same.

There is free trial version of this software than, it will cost you 9.99 USD once the trial runs out..here is  link to the free version SPB Wireless Monitor.

So there you have it…If you have limited data plan download one of these and than you will not get a nasty surprise at the end of the month when your bill comes.