Windows Phone “Tango” Key to Nokia’s Success?

Photo courtesy of legadgeteer

Microsoft has just recently confirmed what Windows Phone Tango is all about. To sum it up it is about making Windows Phone run on lower spec’d phones to make them for affordable.

Well ok they told us a little more than that…here is what they told us.


1. Tango is not a major update.

2. Tango is one of the update belonging to Mango.

3. Apollo would be the next major update.

4. Tango is mainly for developing countries including China and India. These countries were neglected before and Microsoft would like to provide more Bing Services to them through Tango.

5. OEM would be selling cheaper Tango devices in these developing countries.


So your are thinking.. “Great but this is a Nokia website so tell me Nokia stuff”


Here is the Nokia stuff,  Nokia is rumored to be pulling back all Symbian presence in the North American Market next year. This means that Nokia would need to hit every end of the market with Windows Phone in the all important N. America Market.  Windows Phone in it’s current state would not allow Nokia to make lower end/entry level smart phones…period. (the minimum specs required by Microsoft are way too high)


However, now with Tango coming into play you can reach the low end market that Android is catching fire in, and compete with them for that section of market.  As important as this is to the N. America market, it is MORE important in developing countries (ie China, India) for Nokia to keep their robust handset sales growing and not face another huge market loss like it saw in the N. American market in the past couple of years.


By Microsoft tweaking Mango to be less processor intensive it will allow it’s handset makers to be competitive on every level in every market. If the consumer can get a Nokia Windows Phone for the same price as “feature phone” the Windows Phone would probably win. There are still people buying 8Gb iPhone 3G’s right now just for that reason, it cost the same as a Pantech (fill in the blank)  so why not?


If Nokia can figure out how to get a Windows Phone in everyone’s price range, than I believe that they will start getting one in everyone’s pocket.


Via wmpoweruser