Huge Follow Friday With a Prize..Still Going!!


It’s Follow Friday (Ok maybe depending on when you are reading this it’s not) . For those of you who aren’t familiar with Follow Friday (or #FF as it more commonly known) according to the Urban Dictionary  “A weekly event hosted at the social networking site Twitter. It’s where you can recommend your followers to follow more people.”  If you are thinking how does this concern me, what’s the prize and how do get it? Read on….

We are running a contest in which the first step is to get a Twitter account. (If you don’t already have one you can get one here.)  There is a predetermined number between 1 and 1000, all you have to do is be the closest guess to that number to win. The first part is simple, there is a list of below of a ton of interesting sites/blogs to follow, simply start to follow them. Here comes the tricky part.

Tweet @NokiaKnowings with two numbers between 1 and 1000, and one of people that you are following from the list, with the #HugeFF hashtag. Get it? If you are missing one of these four items and your entry will not count.

Here is an example:

   Part 1                 Your 2 guesses      the person you are following             Hashtag
@NokiaKnowings      102, 999                     @yeswap                                 #HugeFF

The person who comes closest to the predetermined number will win a Nokia bh-703

The second number is just in-case two or more people guess the first number right, if by some odd chance two people guess first and the second number right we will do Online Twitter “rock, paper, scissors” and I’m not even joking about that.

You get one entry for every “person” you follow, this is why you need to put that in your guess, because if you are the winner you MUST still be following that person or your guess will not count.

This contest will run from RIGHT NOW till September 13th 2011 and the winner will be announced September 16th!

Side note: You can guess any day of the week during the contest does not have to be a Friday

Here is the list of everyone that you can follow:

Nokia This is Nokia’s official Twitter Account

Nokia US Nokia’s official US Twitter Account

Nokia Canada  Nokia’s Official Canadian Twitter Account

Nokia Beta Labs Trialing cool (beta and experimental) apps from Nokia and partners

Windows Phone This is the official Twitter Account for Windows Phone

Clinton Jeff I know Kung Fu, Karate, Taekwondo & other dangerous words. Exec Editor of @ZOMGitsCj,

Ina Fried  Senior Editor at All Things Digital, covering mobile stuff, author of the Mobilized blog

All About Symbian  I’m a website about all things Symbian, Nokia and S60.

Nokia Knowings Nokia news, review, and Info site.

WOMWorldNokia  Nokia sponsored resource providing latest news, comment, feedback , on all thing Nokia.

The Handheld Blog Another great site for Nokia Info

Barnyard Tech     Software guy and Microsoft employee. WP7 | SilverLight | C#

Nokia Community    We love everything about Nokia, if you do too, come join in

CalvinPixels   A guy wishing to own an macbook, a blogger, a photographer and a product reviewer

Mobile Luv      Mobile News and Reviews. A great place for Mobile News general

My Nokia Blog    Twitter feed from

Nokia  we connect our readers to the latest news, reviews from Nokia

Nokia 5230 Blog   Latest apps,games,themes,how to’s and more for Nokia 5230

WaffleJon  Funny, Funny, Funny, Tech Guy. Did I mention I think he’s funny?

Ricky Cadden   Just a dude with a phone, been mobile-obsessed for over a decade.

WP7 Connect   Anything and everything related to Windows Phone 7. News, reviews and updates.

The Nokia Blog   Updates from the Nokia Blog   News, reviews, guides & videos for Nokia users.

John Loughney   Working at Nokia, trying to create cool MeeGo devices

Yes Wap     Mobile web blogger

Nokia Innovation  Great minds collide at Nokia Innovation
Hyde13   I’m a PC & Web Designer. I love me some Zune, Windows Phone(@wp7_connect)
Mike Macias Creator of The Mobile Fanatics Network. Chat with me about the mobile industry!
All About George  Online coordinator @CCTimes & @insidebayarea. All around talented Guy!
Eddie_Fu  Geek who loves mobile tech, music, and good tv.
Inacurate  I am me. Learn to love me because I do everything in my power to always be right…..
Some Audio Guy  Voice Over director working in commercial casting. (also takes killer Photos w/N8’s)
Bluechrism     Software developer and amateur Nokia blogger with passion for tech
Gwapz Family Man, Editor at Nokia Innovation, Tech Gadget Enthusiast, Food Lover, Sports Fan!!
Mark Guim  I write and make videos about mobile devices
Vlad Bobleanta I read, share and discuss the most important stuff in new technologies, mobile, science

Alvetica Aka Al Pavangkanan  Let’s make a show of it

WP7GIRL I am a mom, a wife, a wp7 enthusiast and an xbox live ass kicker!

Jedibeeftrix  Prognosticator on matters military, technological, and political.

Jebbrilliant I blog to help companies understand what consumers want

Pseudofinn A dad with phones and other mobile geekery

TRENTSENSE Wireless Communications grad of ECPI who has an interest in tech toys & gadgets.

Aprilfilms  freelance Photographer/Videographer, Social Media Publisher at @AHAMEDIA,

Kris Krug  techartist, quasi-sage, cyberpunk anti-hero from the future

Michael Kwan   Freelance writer, published author, professional blogger, gadget geek

Jamaalism  Devil’s advocate who loves wireless tech, works in the industry,

4MKmobile Mobile developer always looking to expand my horizons. Currently working with WP7

Simon Hawai’i  I can divide by zero.

My Chaos  Blogger. Marketer. Social Media Junkie. Welcome to MyChaos!
A Busy Mommy  Specializing in Brand Promotions via Blogs, Twitter, and Facebook.

Roland Tanglao create compelling content constantly! – do it!

Jade Bryan Jardinico Student. LaSallian. Human race survivor. Telco Boy. Nokia evangelist.

Jason Goh/Smashpop  A web designer & photographer. Loves iPhone, iPad, WP7, Symbian, Android,

Sara Nase/Get Palmd Website designer, blogger and the community manager of @TopGearSuomi

s60inside News, Infos, Tests rund um Smartphones

Lucian Tomuta Tech dude working for Nokia [Developer]. Interested in Symbian, smart smartphones

PeterMeeGo     Peter is working on product marketing for Smart Devices at Nokia.

kimitake_en  Nokia N8x0 and N900 user!! ლ(❛△❛ლ) and N8 also 🙂 Writing twitter client, qwassr

CarolineWIP the connector helping mobile develop find the info resources,people to get to market faster

Michael Mace   Tech industry CEO & strategist

Kim Dushinski  Author of The Mobile Marketing Handbook ~ Fascinated with New Media

When Im Mobile Web Consultant / Mobile Web User Experience evangelist

MyIntersperse in·ter·sperse 1. Scatter among or between other things; place here and there


* One entry per person followed also if you are on the list of people to follow you can not win. (sorry)