N9 Now Available? No, Seriously What’s Going On?


I was checking my Twitter account when I found a headline from mynokiablog that caught my eye. “N9 now available?”  Well I would love to get my hands on an N9 so I clicked. I found the above picture from  Nokia Australia (this is the exact same link I clicked by the way) so I clicked the link to see if I can get me one.

The story accompanying this picture stated  “..yet the link to purchase simply refreshes the page.”  but I thought it’s worth a shot.

That linked to me to this page



Which is really weird (because My Nokia Blog is a trustworthy site) so I went to the Nokia Australia site and got this.




So, My Nokia Blog always does their best to fact check and they have a screenshot…now I get the “When can I get it?” message?


Seriously What’s Going On with the N9?!?!


Update: The writer of the story Michael Faro-Tusino  update himself with this update.

 UPDATE: Sorry about the crappy post, was doing this in class. So the above screenshot is from the “Check Availability” section. It shows that the N9 is available to buy at 299 euros online and through certain resellers. Neither the currency( Euros not AUD) nor the resellers, match those here in Australia. Like many of our readers have said, it is most likely a mix up between Austria and Australia. Austria apparently have these operators and, being part of the EU, use Euros.