Top 5 Free Themes for Your Nokia Phone


Everyone knows one of the best things about owning a Symbian device is customization, and one of the biggest pieces of that customization is a theme. So here are five free themes that are really catching my eye at the moment.

  • Number 5   




I don’t know quite why this theme speaks to me. It’s not quite timeless, but it’s not something that screams trendy either. I think it’s the chic 1960’s/1970’s background combined with the updated and modern Anna touches that get me.  Download Retro Here

  • Number 4

Colorful Raindrops 


This one admittedly is not for everybody, it is a fairly bold and colorful statement on any phone. Between the technicolor raindrops, the florescent yellow accents and wording it makes quite an impression. But it is an impression I happen to like a lot. Download Colorful Raindrops Here
  • Number 3  

Orange and Black
The “orange vortex” on this theme is cool however…the real showstopper in this theme is the icon pack. On almost every level of interface on this theme, it changes your icons to give you a clean, simplified feel. Download Orange and Black Here
  • Number 2



This theme a true complete theme, with it changing almost every item on your phone for the better. Plus the color scheme is fantastic and visually pleasing on every screen.  But the real reason it made it to number two is the icon pack. They could have taken the easy way out and just have went with an “Anna” icon pack or simply have tweaked the current icon pack, they did not. They came up with their own original icon pack and it impresses me every time I open a menu or a program. Download Orbs Here.
  • Number 1




This theme takes icons to a whole new level..It goes as far as changing even 3rd party apps to a visually pleasing experience.  If you look at the pictures, the icon with the Facebook, Twitter, logo is the custom Gravity icon, next to it is the new and improved Shazam icon. Even the often forgotten media bar gets a complete overhaul in this theme.
What made this theme number one over Orbs is the color scheme, it is easier on eyes and I believe you would be able to use it for a longer period of time before you would tire of it and change the theme. Download Clarity Here