Nokia N9 U.S.Bound or not??


In the recent days there have been many bloggers posting the Nokia N9 will not make it to the U.S. shores, because of this quote:

“After the very positive reception to the launch of the Nokia N9, the product is now being rolled out in countries around the world. At this time we will not be making it available in the US. Nokia takes a market by market approach to product rollout, and each country makes its own decisions about which products to introduce from those available. Decisions are based on an assessment of existing and upcoming products that make up Nokia’s extensive product portfolio and the best way in which to address local market opportunities.”

This is partially true, it most likely will never be released on a carrier (nothing new), we also know we can’t buy it from any Nokia online U.S. stores because there aren’t any, But there are always other venues and im confident we will be able to buy it here in the U.S. as my Good friend and blogger MikeMacias posted in this article.

I was kinda stunned to see so many bloggers post this with the same sort of title “Nokia N9 not coming to U.S.” giving people the impression you won’t be able to buy 1 here, being a long time Nokia user there has never been an issue of getting the latest Nokia devices, the biggest Question was will it support my network and support the high speed bands, and with the N9 being pentaband that is no longer a concern.

I would just be on the look out for the Amazon’s, Newegg’s,Ebay’s of the world and any other online venues to carry it, you may be paying top dollar, but you also aren’t signed into any 2yr contracts by a carrier or any required data plans.

Update: TheMobileFanactics have a post showing its already for preorder from expansy’s U.S

Would love to hear your thoughts on this and will you buy the Nokia N9.