Unboxing the Nokia E6 Touch and Type


Just couple of days ago I received a trial device from the great folks at WOM World Nokia. I received the  Nokia E6 Touch N Type which just started shipping few weeks ago and also now available in the US via Amazon.com Click Here.

This is one of the 1st Nokia Symbian Devices in 2011 to ship with the new OS called Symbian Anna.

Just wanted to share my Unboxing Photos and 1st Physical Impression thoughts of the device.

Shipping Package


Nokia E6 Retail Packaging

1st Open.. Nokia E6 Shows up.

Nokia E6 in Hand.

Power Charger

Wired Music Headset.

USB Cable

Battery 1500 mAh (BP-4L)

User Manual and Pamphlets

That’s all folks.. Its now an empty box.

Reading Material Back of the Box.


This is not my Overall 1st impression of the device. This is only my 1st impression of the Physical Aspect of the device. I have not powered on the device yet.

  • The Device Feels very Solid and light.
  • Mostly made of Plastic including the shiny Bezel.
  • Physical QWERTY keys feels very good in thumb to type on.
  • Fingerprint magnet.
  • Speaker was moved just below the Camera like the one on the N8.
  • Screen size looks similar to the E72. Specs shows E6 is a little bigger.
  • Battery cover made out of metal like its predecessor E71 and E72.

So far these are my 1st impression thoughts on the Physical Aspect of the Nokia E6. Tune in for more 1st Impression thoughts as I set up the device and put it through the pace of my daily use.

Disclaimer: All Photos are taken using the Nokia N8.