#NokiaUnfenced Wild West Weekend Unleashed (Day 1 Headed West Meet and Greet)


Last Week 20 US Tech Bloggers were Invited to this Challenge in the Wild Wild West of Las Vegas to take on some Challenges in a Wild West style. Me and Lenny “aka” @THE_TRUTH34 were happy to be part of the 2o Participant to this Great Crazy Weekend Adventure.

Other Participants were @Inacurate@Eddie_Fu@paulswansen, @jebbrilliant@TRENTSENSE,@pseudofinn,@mikemacias, @Alvetica@markguim@nokiaknowings,@someaudioguy, @mobile_ed @Hyde13, @mobile_luv, @blue42richman @matthew_dowling, @allaboutgeorge, @yeswap

It was real pleasure to meet new friends  some of these participants  me and Lenny already knew and follow on Twitter. It was great to finally meet them in person and put some faces on those twitter names.

Let me also give Thanks to @NokiaUS Mindy Miller (@min108) Head of Social Marketing for Nokia North America and the peeps @WOMWorldNokia Donna Suffling (@missdd), AdamWoodley (@adwood1984) and Kathy Garfield (@kathygarfield) for inviting us and taking care of us on our weekend adventure in the Wild Wild West of Las Vegas.

Anyways let me Share to you the Adventure we Experience in the Wild Wild West!

Day 1. Friday 6/10/11 Headed West

The Great Nevada Desert from the Plane.

Welcome to Las Vegas!!

Not us.. What ever happens here.. Gets Blog about on Nokia Innovation.

Our Temporary Home for the Weekend. Green Valley Ranch Hotel/Spa and Casino @ Henderson, Nevada.

1st Treat we see @ the Lobby of the Hotel.. Cool!! Were like Outlaws..

Settling In..

Meet and Greet Arriving Participants.

Refreshments and Cooling off at the Pool.

More Meet and Greet w/ Refreshments.

@missdd, @jebbrilliant, and @mikemacias

The Party Bus. We head to the Strip for some Wild Western Dinner..

Still Meeting and Greeting at the Party Bus.

Very Yummy Beef Brisket.. Man VS Food!! Unfortunately Man lost.. 🙁

Dessert.. Man VS Food!! Unfortunately Man lost again.. The Food was great!! but the mental toughness was not there.

After Dinner.. Couple of our Participants takes on the Mechanical Bull.. Video Credits from @yeswap



After a Fun night dinner @ The Strip of Las Vegas. We head back to the Hotel for much needed rest while some do more Meet and Greet.

@pseudofinn, @THE_TRUTH34, @mikemacias,

and to end the night with @TRENTSENSE and @markguim


Watch out for Part 2 Coming Up..  The Real Adventure Begins..