Nokia E6 Touch and Type US Version Available for Pre-Order on Amazon $446 USD


Nokia E6 US Version on Amazon

Just Stumbled upon this today.. The much Anticipated Nokia E6 Touch and Type Business Smartphone becomes available for Pre-Order on Amazon.

As an avid Nokia Eseries user this phone is definitely on my radar despite my disappointment with the EDOF modification on the camera. I always loved Nokia’s implementation of Auto Focus on their camera. Hoping it won’t be that bad.

Anyways this phone has started shipping a week ago on other Markets. Just wanted to share you an Unboxing and 1st hand thoughts from Clinton Jeff @clintonjeff and Vaibhav Sharma @v4ibhav from The

Nokia E6 Unboxing 1st hand thoughts.

Let us know your thoughts?

FYI our very own Jimmy Lee (@jjklee) will be getting a Trial device from the great people of WomWorld, so please post any questions or ideas as to what you might want to see or know from the device.