#NokiaBox 2nd Challenge “C6 Typing Challenge”


Just recently me and Mark from The Nokia Blog were invited to take part of the 2nd Challenge of the ongoing #NokiaBox Activity. The 2nd Challenge was called “#NokiaBox C6 Typing Challenge”. Me and Mark represented Team USA and had to work as a team. This challenge was about Who has the fastest touch and who has the fastest type. I chose the Type part and Mark chose the Touch part. The country who gets the best combined time will be crowned the Ultimate C6 Touch Type Team.

The Sentence we needed to type was “The quick brown fox jumped over the NokiaBox.”

Here is my video..

I think my time was around 13 – 14 seconds. Kind of pathetic in my opinion, but I gave it all.

Here is Mark’s video..

Mark’s time was 8 seconds.

I really liked Mark’s approach to this challenge. He utilized the best tool to enable him to type the sentence fast.

Lets just hope his effort saves my poor typing time and gets us the crown of the Ultimate Touch Type Team. Thanks for bailing me out Mark..

Here are some of the entries by the other participating countries provided by WOM World Nokia. Click here.

More activities to come from #NokiaBox