E73 mode Day of the Party


I have to say the day of the E73mode party was a long but very enjoyable and unexpected day, I had no idea what they had planned for us except that it was based upon the e73.

Well the  morning started out with a lot of setting up, but well worth it.

Now its time to party, I Don’t think any of us knew exactly what was going on and we certainly didn’t know we were required to get into our uniforms for the tasks at hand.

We kayaked in our suits and shot video’s and took pictures all with the E73, while we were being videoed and photoed, to show that the e73 is more than just a business phone.

Here are some pictures of us kayaking along with a video of Adam getting back on the canoe after he and the camera man went overboard.

Here is the dramatic footage I promised of Adam and the camera man overboard.

We also played volleyball, went surfing , and were filmed and interviewed on how we use our devices.

We really did have a blast and Many Thanks go out to the WomWorld Crew Donna, Adam, & James as well as Mike, MS.Jen, Glenn & Dennis. Was also great to meet @mikemacias,@jebbrilliant,@EdmondJDantes &@ActualAsianMale.

Do you think the e73mode can handle the test of both work and play would love to hear your comments, just to remind you guys all pics and videos were from the e73, below is a slide show of the whole weekend. Hope you enjoy