Nokia N86 8MP Begins Shipping Worldwide


I kid you not.. Here is the press release from Nokia.. Click here.

Well.. Well.. Well.. Looks like there’s another sheriff coming over.. The N97 fever has not even reach its climax yet and here comes Nokia announcing the shipment of the Nokia N86. The 1st Nokia handset that will rock a 8 mega pixel with CZ lens camera.

This happened so fast that this phone is already on sale on eBay and I already found some unboxing photos which you can find by clicking here.

Simply WoW!! Talk about Nokia and its variety of phone choices..

I just hope as fast as the release of the N97 NAM here in the US that they will do the same with the N86..

Now this puts me back in the fence on which phone to get.. Hmmmmnnn..

Touch Screen Phone? or Slider phone with the latest 8MP camera?

So.. Which one would you go for N97 or N86?

Let us know and give us your thoughts..

Till next time.. gwapz signing off..