Ok here is it the moment we been waiting for, a comparison shot between the n86 and the n82 at night to see which camera is the “KING”, now to be fair to the n86 it is a proto model, plus it seems the picture wasn’t taken with a steady hand, but it was a hot commodity at the S60 meet up in NYC NOKIA FLAGSHIP STORE so it was hard to get more pics with the device itself.
The top photo will be the n86 and the bottom will be the n82, tell us your thoughts and do you think the n86 will dethrone the n82 as Nokia’s new camera King.



Well as you can see the n82 is the clear winner, but again the n86 is a prototype and these were rushed shots, i am sure we will see many more comparison shots as the device is nearer to release.
THETRUTH signing off.