S60 Meetup and A Glance Look at The Nokia N97


First of all, Let me greet everyone a Happy New Year!! I hope you guys had a great 2008 and a prosperous New Year Celebration!!

Second of all I would like to apologize for my lack of post/contribution as I have become busy with work and family. But in time to time Mobile World Innovation is still my passion.

Last night was another Successful S60 Meet Up as it was a memorable one and a good start for the year 2009.


Like always let me give thanks to William Sisti for always organizing this meetup on a every month basis and making it possible!! Keep it up Will.. Were gonna let this group get bigger and bigger and soon were going to call it S60 Geeks of NY, lolz just kidding..

Anyways… Let me tell you guys why this meetup was very exciting and memorable..

Chanse Arrington from Nokia joined us on our meetup and brought a wonderful demo device for us to check out..

The Nokia N97 (First Side slide QWERTY Touch screen Nseries phone)

My thoughts on the device a little later.. Let me first serve you guys with the photos I took with a bonus video.


Nokia N97 Photos (taken by the E71)






Nokia N97 Video (taken by the E71)

The Nokia N97 has the same OS version as the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music called Symbian S60 5th Edition.

As for this phone I can only talk about its Physical Aspect as its firmware version is still on Demo Mode/Proto.

*As for this phone it really feels good in hand, not that big and not that small. (Kind of look like an over sized N85)
*The phone is not that thick either.
*The slide is perfectly awesome when slid up. It really has a nice feel when you slide it up.
*This demo phone is also built like a tank no creaks.
*The screen also is pretty good but nowhere good as the N85. Also the screen is a fingerprint magnet.
*Also at 1st look I thought the call and end button were keypad with tactile feedback. I was wrong as they are both touch sensitive like the screen.
*The QWERTY keypad has a very good feel of tactile feedback as well, and a very good spacing.
*Missing some useful keys like the period (.) You have to go to characters to enter it. (hope they fix that.)

So far so good its a pretty good feel device excluding OS experience.. So I can’t really say that its a good buy yet until the OS stability is tested. I hope Nokia won’t let us down on that part.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed my Nokia N97 Experience..

Let me know your thoughts and what you think, and don’t hesitate to ask questions.. I will be happy to help.

gwapz signing off…