Nokia E63 Review (Proves To Be A Worthy Contender)


Initial Thoughts:

Looking back on my E71 review as I recall it the sexiest solid smartphone… I guess Nokia had read my review and made it more sexier by adding color. I had thought that using different materials such as plastic and making it a little thicker would make this phone really bad compared to its older brother the E71, well I was wrong. You really need to have the device on your hand to really appreciate it.


The screen on the E63 looks a little bit smaller than the E71, but both devices are the same 320×240 pixel with 16 million colors.

Design and Changes:

It takes the same design from the E71, candy bar type phone with a QWERTY keypad. Now the differences between the two are

*The size of the phone which the E63 is 3mm thicker than the E71.

*Audio Jack implementation was also changed as the E63 finally gained a 3.5mm jack for regular audio headphones which was placed on the top of the phone. (1st Eseries phone to get 3.5mm Jack)

*The space bar on the E63 is a little smaller than the E71 as they placed two extra keys for more productivity.

*The volume key on the right side of the E71 was removed on the E63 which will make you navigate the volume from the Dpad.

*The power button on the top of the E71 was also removed on the E63 and was remapped to the End Call Button key.

*The microphone on the E71 which was visible on the lower front of the phone was also moved on the E63 now located at bottom of the phone.

*Finally as you may know the E71 is made out of high class material like metal back plate. On the E63 the outside appearance of the phone is made out of high grade plastic, so no creaks and a solid feel.

*The E63 adds a flashlight function by holding on the space bar it will allow the camera’s LED flash to be used as a flashlight.




User Interface:

The User Interface is the same as the E71 boring icons, and fast snappy UI.

Call Volume:

Same quality as the E71.

Call Quality:

Same quality as the E71.


Bluetooth: Seems to be the same as the E71.

Infrared: Another Change: They have finally removed the Infrared… So No Infrared!

WLAN: Same experience as the E71.3G: As usual, wasn’t able to test it as I have the EURO model. But I can tell you this for a fact the E71 having HSDPA 3.5mbps was lowered to UMTS on the E63 384kbps which I don’t think it would make a difference as we don’t get full 3.5mbps with AT&T 3G anyways.

USB: Seems to be pretty stable like the E71.


Email: Nokia Email Beta seems to be working pretty good on this phone. It’s like a match made in heaven.As for other services like Text Messaging, and Multimedia messaging it has same quality as the E71. No difference I’ve notice.

Sound Quality:

Same quality as the E71.

Music Quality:

Music quality seems to be better and louder on the E63 can be due to 3.5mm jack, or just some tweaking in the software. On the E71 I feel it was holding out on us, as we know it can perform the same but was still limited with the 2.5mm jack over all..

GPS Navigation:

Another Change: No GPS chip on the E63 but it is equipped with Nokia Maps that still can use Network Base GPS depending on your network provider. Not accurate but an approximate location.


Another Change: The camera on the E63 was lowered to 2 Mega Pixel fixed focus, which might not be all bad considering the 3.2 on the e71 left a lot to be desired, but I will let you guys judge the quality.

A Total Dark Room With Flash


A Room With Lights With Flash


A Room With Lights With No Flash


Video Quality:

I will let you guys judge this as well.

Nokia E63 Video Test INDOOR

Nokia E63 Video Test OUTDOOR

Battery Life:

The E63 has the same battery as the E71, so you can rest assure that you will have good battery life. In my test the e63 had better battery life than the E71, both phones were Euro versions so no 3g on either, again maybe a little more software tweaking.


If you think that a budget version of the E71 wouldn’t make such a good phone, I would have to say you’re wrong!! Even with the lack of features on the E63, I really didn’t feel or see my production decreasing at all coming from the E71, In my opinion I think the E63 is more of an upgrade for me coming from the E71.


*It the added Flashlight feature which was an upgrade for me, as I don’t have to carry an extra flashlight around me at all times.

*The 3.5mm Jack was also an upgrade for me, as I don’t have to carry, an adapter around, and I can use it for all standard 3.5 mm jacks, I can hook it to my car and play my music that way, or I and use it as my portable music player (very convenient) can hook it to my computer speakers or any other portable type speaker Jack (I would have wish for a TV-Out feature as a business phone you need to use this feature for Job Presentation).

*They also the added size/thickness and the plastic housing of the p
hone was actually good. It made the E63 more rugged and less fragile. In my opinion whenever I hold the E71 I always get the fear of dropping it, and the phone was very slippery at times. With the new thickness it definitely feels good in hand (Not too thick, and definitely not too thin, It’s somewhere in the middle.)

My verdict:

Who had thought that lowering the price point of the popular “Wired Magazine Best Smartphone” choice award winning Nokia E71 was awesome enough? Well Nokia just made it more awesome as the Nokia E63 is definitely a smart and good buy for its price point and extra rich features. (It speaks out to everyone in the market Business, Personal, Teen, you name it) Kudos to Nokia on this one!!

To find out more info about this phone click here.

Do check out my Nokia E71 review if you haven’t read it, and also my Nokia E71, E63 comparison photos.

Also the Nokia E63 will come in 2 colors Red and Blue, with an Estimated Price of $250 USD. It will also come to the North American market so do expect a US version, Estimated Release EURO/APAC 4th Qtr of 2008 and NAM version 1st Qtr of 2009.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review.. Please do comment and let us know what you think about the E63? Who’s buying it? I know I am.. 🙂

Happy Holidays.. gwapz signing off!