Who Says Nokia E-Series Phones Are Not Cool Enough?


Just got this really cool campaign from Nokia Eseries that WOM World Nokia sent me.

Seems like The Eseries Team has finally noticed the boredom of the long term use of the Eseries Phones. So what do they do? Launch a Campaign to boost it up.

Well in my opinion their not really boring if you know how to utilize them. Installing Nseries apps on Eseries phones makes it a little cooler.

Just install apps like…

*Shozu, etc..

You should be set out of boredom with some of these apps.

Well anyways just wanted to share to you guys this really playful campaign that Nokia Eseries had launch called “The Unloader”

Enjoy My Unloader..

Looking forward to seeing yours.. Visit “The Unloader” and try it out..

I think this campaign is pretty cool, it releaved a little of my stress from work, and gave me a little laugh and a good start to brighten my day. I also like the fact Nokia’s campaign towards becoming GREEN has become stronger and stronger. (Keep it up!!)

So tell us What you think about this new Campaign? Did it brightened your day? You can even try uploading a picture of your worst enemy then let us know if you feel better. 🙂