Nokia to Release Beta 3 of the Nokia Email Service


First of all let me Thank Donna and the WOM World Nokia crew for always keeping me updated with Nokia News and Nokia products..

While I speak on Updates I just got this news from them..

Nokia to release the next stage of Beta of the Nokia Email Service this coming Friday October 10, 2008 or in other words tomorrow. So mark that calendar 10/10/08 and head to to download the latest Beta 3 Stage of the Nokia Email Service.

Come on guys.. We need to help Nokia and test their stuff on Beta Labs.. Trust me, It really helps them a lot figuring out the bugs and fixes when its being used by the consumers like us.

Call us Nokia guinea pigs… I can live with that for the sake of better products and applications..

Here are some Tech Improvements on the Beta 3 Nokia Email Service.

“Beta 3 brings with it wider support for devices, more localization options, better mailbox management and now true synchronization so that everything stays the way it should be! No more randomly re-appearing emails you’re sure you deleted. Another major feature is the addition of support for multiple email addresses so alternate personal emails, or the address you use for newsletters etc can live side by side on your device. The beta stage of trialling Nokia Email Service is totally free for anyone who wants to use it and anyone using the software will be emailed when this period comes to an end.”

Like what I have been hearing from other Bloggers.. “The Nokia Email Service has a potential to go head to head with RIM Blackberry someday.” I hope that someday will come soon..

Kudos to WOM World Nokia for sharing me this news and for letting me share it to my fellow readers and community.

Anyways.. I will update you guys on the Beta 3 tomorrow.. Share us what you think, and let us know.. You never know we might be bridge for you to get your message out there to right people at Nokia.