My Nokia S60 phone Streams live TV from the Philippines GMA 7 Network


(I really apologize for the lack of updates, as again I have been busy with work, and family commitments.)

Now let me share you guys what I have been working on for the past few weeks now.. I had some very interesting conversation with my co editor THETRUTH about this and we would like to make this a new trend here at Mobile World Innovation.

Let me welcome you to our new segment called “Mobile World Innovation How to”

“Mobile World Innovation How To” is about tutorials, tips, and tricks to help out other mobile phone enthusiast out there. Where we shoot videos, do screen shots of our phones doing neat tricks, application tutorials and bunch of stuff that is interesting..

Good example… Check out some of THETRUTH’s new articles. Where he shoot videos and do tutorials on how useful his N95 8GB on his daily routine.

Well now that you fully understand our new segment let me introduce you to the 1st episode of “Mobile World Innovation How To”

“My Nokia S60 phone Streams Live TV from the Philippines GMA 7 Network”

Now just think of the theory behind this you know this is cool.. I mean imagine, I’m in NY and I’m streaming/watching TV live from the Philippines from my mobile device anywhere, anytime.. Now that’s what you call Innovation..

Thanks to the new Mobile Web Browser called Skyfire for having the support of Flash 9 which makes the video streaming possible. Skyfire is currently on its Beta Stage right now, so its still available for free to try. So if you haven’t download it click here register, download and install it on your phone.

After Installation..

Open the Application and Sign in with your Email and password. (You only have to do this once)

After loading go to the search bar and search “webtvtube”

(By the way: You can watch Live TV from your home PC or laptop as well.)

When the result comes out click the WebTVtube site

When you get to the WebTVtube site, on the upper right there is a search bar, search “GMA” and click GO.

Search Result: Click on GMA

Voila!! Your watching Live TV from the Philippines GMA 7 Network..

Don’t forget to add it on your Skyfire Bookmark so you can easily access the site for future Live Filipino TV viewing..

Here is a video tutorials that I shot using the Nokia N82 camera to see what I did.. Enjoy!!

I hope you liked it.. You know this is just the start.. Tune in and catch some more episode on the new segment “Mobile World Innovation How To”