The s60 event was a blast, plenty of drinks people adourves and s60 devices, namely the current big 3 (n96,n85,n79). They are all nice solid devices, to me build quality felt nice.

The N85 and the n96 were the devices i wanted to see, the n85 is a nice thin device , feels very small in the hand, but it was kinda plain to me, did not wow me at all. I do know what its capable of, but this day and age with all the hoopla on looks and ui, ect… i wasn’t so impressed from the looks standpoint.

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I was impressed by the build quality and the thinness on the n85, the slide was nice and tight the oled screen looks great and the ui also seemed very fast. The camera took about 4 seconds to load, but saved instantaneously. The zooming in on a picture after it was taken was nice, smooth transaction, no longer a scrolling line going across and the screen says zooming, it actually seems to just glide into the larger image. Let me just remind you guys i only had about 3 minutes per device, so this is all based on just a few minutes playing with it.

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The n96 on the other hand looks more like the flagship device with its nice silver lining, yet i would have no desire to get it over my n95-4 unless it was an amazing deal, or i sold my 95-4 close to the value of the n96, based on looks and 1st impressions. I love the big screen, so when next to the n85 even though the n85 has a 2.6″ display the n96 screen looks huge in comparison. The n96 also has a nice build quality, and the slide feels good and tight, the large display was nice but until i have more time with it i just felt like all the devices were the same, just in different packages.

The camera button on the n96 felt a little stiff, and for some reason the dual led wasn’t working when i tried taking pictures (yes i had it on).

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All in all it was great event, I met some of the S60 people Dan, Raj, Saara, Oren, and of course my battery hijacker Chanse Arrington (kidding), and of course how can I forget my HOFO buddies and Howard Chui himself..

Below is slide show of pictures taken from the event.. Enjoy!!