N85 and N79 reviews


Hey everyone, im posting a translated review of the N85 and the N79 from Mobile-Review.
I like the screen shots of the n85 they look super crisp thanks to the new 2.6″ oled display.
What i find interesting in the review is what he says about the low light pictures.

“Camera has mechanical shutter, this usual module with optics Of carl Of zeiss, but flash is not xenon, but is light-emitting diode. In my view, in this there are no minuses whatever, this flash often wins in the xenon during the photographing at the small distances. The quality of photographs, the interface of camera did not undergo change, this is one of the best 5-[megapikselnykh] apparatuses, everything is compared with other models of company.”

To me this is a no brainer for my next nseries device, adds everything we need, usb charging, camera cover and if it performs good in lowlight we have it made.

What are your thoughts on this article and the n85 also the n79.