2 Nokia Handset scheduled to launch on 8/25


Seems like Nokia has been improving on their handset leakage problem, for some reason I have no clue on what is being launch on 8/25. Just rumors going around that it will be the leaked images I posted a while back the N79 and the N85 click here to see them.

Let me tell you guys what I really love about Nokia is the way they handle their bloggers and press. Nokia gave invites to some bloggers and press to this Handset launch. One of the lucky bloggers that got invite for this launch is iGadget Life. This is where I found the article regarding the phone launch.

Like I said I am totally clueless about what phones they are going launch, just know for a fact that they are Nseries phones judging by the image of the invitation.

Post your comments below and let us know what is your wild guess on this phone launch?