"Near Field Communication" Are we ready for the Future?


For some weeks now, I have been working on a project with WOM World Nokia regarding Nokia’s Near Field Communication Concept.

To find out more about Near Field Communication click here..

Here is a video explaining what is the concept about. click here..

My main task on this project is to gather feedback and comments on the Howard Forums Community. After few weeks WOM World Nokia will be collecting the feedback and comments and give them to the appropriate people at Nokia Research and Development.

I like the fact that Nokia is doing this collecting feedback and comments so they can improve on their technology. That just makes me think that they really do listen to consumers.

Keep it up Nokia!! Looking forward on more surveys to come.

So let me get back to the topic. Are we ready for NFC?

I know Japan is, cause they have been using this technology for years now, it just fascinate me when I hear from a Japanese person that they used their mobile phones to shop at supermarket, or buy train tickets. I envy them for doing this, but I just thought about a theory that “in every good there is also bad”.

Yes using your phone as credit card is a good thing..

What about phone theft?

What if your phone gets lost?


Hmmmmnnn… Makes me think maybe its not such a good idea after all, or they may need to add more security features to it.

Tell us what you think, join the discussion by clicking here. Help Nokia by dropping your comments on what you think about this Nokia NFC Concept. By helping them would actually make our nokia device better in the future.