Samsung i8510 Innov8 Sneak Preview


Thanks to the guys over at all about symbian they posted a hands on preview with the samsung 8mp monster (samsung i8510) featuring s60 feature pack 2, from the photos the phone is nice looking sort of similar to the n95 8gb but i see its a lot longer and a bit thinner, im not to keen on the protruding lens in the back, but sure i can live with it.

The samsung has all the great features you would expect in the latest nseries devices from nokia. plus it has divx support(excellent move) but lack of u.s. 3g will be a no go for me, From the pics posted on the site the camera looks excellent plus the pictures blown up at the highest level doesn’t seem to produce as many digital artifacts as the nseries devices, lets not forget there still is no xenon flash and optical zoom on the samsung model so the n82 might still be the choice when it comes to overall ability

Well time will tell if this device will dethrone the current nseries devices, as of now nokia has to do some work in competing, yes i know there is a rumor of the nokia 8mp coming out somtime this year, but thats all it is as of now a RUMOR.

We have a nice discussion going on at howard forums about the samsung i8510 why dont you join in the discussion .

Here are some comparison pics of the samsung and the nokian82/n95.

Take a look and tell us what you think.