Samsung Puts Out A Challenge For Nokia


The long anticipated rumor of a Samsung 8MP camera phone with a 16GB Internal Memory has finally been revealed.

Ricky Cadden from Symbian Guru has posted on Jaiku that there would be a phone launch here in NYC at about 8pm last night, we were clueless of what it would be.

It came out that there was a special Samsung Gathering and the launch of this rumored anticipated phone.

Rumored name Samsung i8510 Primera turns out as Samsung INNOV8

Guess What? Its a Symbian S60 phone Featured Pack 2, with a 8MP Camera, 30FPS Recording, Quadband GSM, Dualband WCDMA EU/APAC, 16GB Internal Memory with an expansion card slot, 2.8inch screen, Divx Player, etc…

WoW.. That beats any Nseries phone.

To find out more about the detailed specs you can click here.

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Reading the specification looks like Nokia doesn’t it?

Well read again.. It’s Samsung’s Innovation!! So Wake Up Nokia, and see at what your up against!

Lets leave the USA out of this for a while. So Nokia brags about its major popularity in Europe and Asia. Well that’s about to change when this Samsung phone comes out. First of all a lot of consumers are a little upset of how Nokia phones feels so cheap, that they feel cheap plastic materials were used to make em, plus bad quality control too many squeaky noise on the phones while handling. While on the other hand Samsung phone are known for their classy and well built. So enough with the bragging and fix the problem. Face the Challenge!!

Samsung missed again!! Looks like I wasn’t loud enough, click here to know what I mean.

Now lets get back to the USA. Samsung? How hard is it to put US 3G’s on your phones? Don’t say its hard cause I have seen so many Samsung phones with US 3G on AT&T. Terribly upset with this biased ignoring the US market crap!!

Anyways enough with the rant..

All I can say is that if Nokia doesn’t act now, Nokia N96 will be dead on arrival..

I also think that the QUALCOMM settlement was probably related to this, I mean the settlement happened after Samsung’s launching night.

I smell something’s cooking… hmmmnnnn..

Keep on tune.. I Will try to give you the latest!!