Nokia E71-2 NAM Officially Out


On the morning of July 22nd, 2008 S60 Howard Forums was awakened by the presence of these posts.

And the Top Most Reputable Seller goes to….. (drums rolling…..)


A Canadian Distributor/Wholesaler located at Mississauga Ontario Canada.

Take a look at this Howard Forum thread started from here.

Those E71-NAM’s were selling like pancakes. The best part about it was SN Trader was offering free Overnight Shipping for the price of $475.00 CAD to anywhere in the US of A.

I was really interested to see if people were going to get their E71’s the next day..

Guess what? People who ordered from SN Trader before 5PM of July 22nd, 2008 got their E71 NAM’s on time!!

WoW.. How nice to know on receiving the package on an order that was less than 24hrs!!

Kudos to SN TRADER!! Good Job…

But if you wanted to know my opinion, I would have went on the smarter way!

Ebay Live Search Cash Back!! with 25% cash back, it is too hard to pass on that..

Anyways!! Just wanted to update you guys that this phone is officially out, you can visit the Nokia Flagship Store nearest you, well if you live in NY or Chicago.. As soon as I get my hands on one, will update you guys on the 3G speed.

Let me also update you guys on other retailers that have the E71-NAM..
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