My Nokia E71 Review (Definitely Sets the Bar on the Smartphone World)


Nokia E71 Review


Initial Thoughts:

Nokia E71 is by far one of the sexiest solid smart phone I have ever seen and used. The design speaks for it all, and the feeling of solidness makes it more perfect, kudos to Nokia on this device.



The screen size is 2.36 inches with a resolution 320×240 Landscape. The screen to me is very small but it is highly appreciated due to the size of the phone. To me the screen is just perfect. Making it bigger would probably make the phone bigger in width.


The design of the phone is astonishing. It’s covered with chrome metal, solid like a rock, and unimaginably thin. People complain why they didn’t use 3.5mm jack instead of the 2.5mm jack. I can’t imagine the 3.5mm jack fitting on the thinnest of the phone. Heck the 2.5 takes half of the thinnest of the phone. QWERTY keypad is cramped but the good tactile response and the predictive text addition makes up for it. One of the best QWERTY keypad I have used 2nd to the E51. The only downside of the design is it is a major fingerprint magnet, something that I can live with. You really have to hold the phone to really appreciate it.


Fingerprint Magnet Shot

User Interface:

Like any other S60 device it hasn’t change, but the major improvement is this device is super fast when opening applications and folders, I was blown away with the speed. Also I like the new added feature called Switch Mode which is almost like a profile, but this lets you switch from Personal Mode to Business Mode which is really good in my opinion. The icons are boring like any other Eseries phones unlike the Nseries phones, but I think I can trade those boring icons for fast processor that make opening application faster.

Call Volume:

The call volume of the E71 is great coming from an E61i. Now coming from the Nseries phones such as the N95 will blow away the E71. But you have to look at it on where the phone is coming from. You don’t compare Eseries and Nseries phones.
Loud Speaker with one speaker on the top of the phone it is not disappointing either, it is pretty loud even coming from an N95.

Call Quality:

The call quality is pretty decent, but sometimes I get drop calls but that’s not totally 100% phone problem it can be network problem as well. Friends that I speak to from the other end of the line tell me that I sound clear and fine as well, so as when I talk to friends that have the E71.


Bluetooth seems to be stable, but I got a lot of bad reception using Stereo BT via A2DP.

Infrared in my opinion nobody really uses IR no more, but when I tested it sending a contact to another phone it did its job.

WLAN is great pretty fast browsing using WLAN, I can already imagine this phone using US 3G. It would be the perfect phone for me. But my gripe with WLAN is sometimes the WLAN scanner is not doing its job. Sometimes the WLAN scanner can’t seem to find my wireless router at home even though I’m within 2 feet from it. I had to restart the scan to find my wireless router. I think it’s a glitch which can be fixed by a future firmware update hopefully.

3G Sorry, I have nothing to say about this feature, due to the fact that I have the European E71 so the 3G feature is not supported here in the US. But I can tell you guys that using EDGE is pretty decent if you just visit regular WAP sites and have the patience to wait for loading time. The downside with EDGE is you can’t receive calls or sometimes if you get a call your EDGE connection will get interrupted and the call will go through. But don’t worry the E71 NAM is on its way here in North America, so I will update you guys on the 3G experience when I get my hands on the E71-2 NAM.

USB experience is like any other Nokia phones that uses USB for connectivity. The speed is pretty decent, but thanks to Nokia this phone has a card slot, so what I do is just take out the card and plug it into a card reader to add data and music to the card which is super fast.


Text Messaging like other Nokia phones is the best to text message from an S60 device. What I really like about the E71 on text messaging is that you can type the name of the contact you are trying to text message or call on the home screen and it will give you a drop down of your contacts and will have the menu to voice call, video call, or send a text message. To me that is very cool and helpful.

Email I know this is supposed to be the focus of this phone. Forgive me if this is my least focus on the review since I am not into Mail 4 Exchange or Live Push Email. I can tell you one thing though this phone doesn’t support Blackberry Connect like other E-Series devices. Don’t know if they are working on it, or just stop supporting it, I hope not, because I know a lot of Blackberry users that likes the User Interface of S60 and would like to jump ship from Blackberry to Nokia E-Series. So let me get back to the topic, this does not mean that I don’t use Push email that I don’t use email at all. WRONG!! I used the regular POP email. I configured my work email, so sometimes I can send email using the E71 which really works like a charm in my opinion. Configuring is easy with Nokia Settings Wizard. Also FYI Nokia E71 supports IMAP and POP email configurations. I also have Java Base Google Mail Application that I use which is very user friendly.

Multimedia Messaging works like a charm, No need to configure the network, SIM card does all that for you. All you need to do is insert the multimedia attachment you need to send and the contact # and you’re good to go.

Sound/Music Quality

The sound of ring tones and alerts are pretty decent, I think this is another upgrade from the E61i. Thanks to Nokia that this has been improving, hoping to have an Eseries device with an Nseries sound quality someday. So this is something that I can say it’s acceptable.

Music Quality on this device is major improvement in terms of loudness. But as for music quality bass and treble, I don’t think it will get any better than this due to the fact that it’s an Eseries. I hope I’m wrong, but it’s highly acceptable.

GPS Navigation

Very interesting features of this device for some people reporting that the E71 takes too long to lock in on satellites, with my experience I turned off A-GPS, and Network base GPS to get a good test on the lock speed. Interesting that I got a lock satellite in less than a minute which is really good in my opinion, and let me tell you, I did this test outside my job which is in midtown NYC which is full of buildings, I was surprise with the result. As for Driving Navigation sorry, I don’t really have anything to say about this since I don’t have a car and I don’t drive. My basic use of the phone’s GPS is for mapping and locating a business property. Google Maps is highly recommended too with this device. I don’t know how many times Google Maps have saved me from getting lost and got me to the right location on time.

Camera/Video Recording

The 3.2 mega pixel camera to me is a little disappointing. First they isolate the Auto Focus by having to press the letter T on the keypad before snapping the photo, then having the camera lens in the back a little raise which would make it prone to scratches and bumps, plus no lens cover. I’m not really complaining about the phone not having a lens cover which we have seen on any other Eseries phones, but I think it is a good idea to have one so we can protect the lens. Heck it is not even a necessity for a business phone to have a camera, just good enough that this device has one. Video Recording on this device is something that I expected I guess, not good but definitely not bad. To get a good picture on what I’m talking about, watch my Nokia N82 Unboxing, I took it using the E71.

Nokia E71 Video Quality

Image Quality

Image quality on this device is a little disappointing also. When I posted my 1st photo that I took from the E71, Mark Guim from The Nokia Blog, quickly noticed my photo was taken using the E71. I asked him how he knew; he said if I take a closer look at the photo it is covered with a purple tint which is shockingly right. But then again these kind of issues can be fixed by a future firmware update, hoping they will fix it in the next firmware update.

Battery Life

Loving the battery life of this phone, as I recall again, this is a thin phone and it’s not supposed to have good battery life. WRONG!! If you look at the battery compartment of the phone, it seems like the Eseries Team went all out with this phone. If I’m not mistaken, when you take out the battery of this phone, what you will see is the back of the main board of the phone. Yes!! The whole thickness of the thinnest of the phone is full of battery power. I guess Nokia wasn’t playing when they say battery power. Now let’s talk about my test after draining the battery and fully charging it back again my battery test started. So I switch my network to use only GSM since I don’t have the correct 3G, then change the brightness of my phone to maximum, I talked a lot on the phone for about 2hrs and did minimal browsing online but was constantly checking Jaiku and Slick, this went on a daily routine. Guess what? My phone died on the 3rd day! I call that a success. On the N95 with the same routine it would only last me a day and a half. Also FYI the battery on the E71 is the same battery on the E90, N800, and the N810 tablet. So I figure with a small screen and less usage of data, it will give you decent hours or days before your next charge.

Nokia E71 Main Board

Nokia E71 Comparison Shots to the Nokia N75

Nokia E71 Sample Shots
Nokia E71 Low Light Shot

Nokia E71 Purple Tint Shot

Nokia E71 Regular Shot


This is by far one of the most powerful perfect device I have seen so far in terms of business, and a little personal use. Might not be good for people with big hands but as for the average people with medium hands the QWERTY keypad with the nice tactile response is by far the best. Nokia is known for setting the stage for
other mobile manufacturers, they truly set the bar so high with this device, from the device being a smart phone, fast processor, best tactile response, thinnest, powerful battery life, and the solid classy design. Wondering what other manufacturers would throw out there to compete with this device. I think it is definitely a success with some tweaking with the camera on future firmware updates. This device is highly recommended to average users that will accept the lack of multimedia features and willing to welcome the business pointers of the Eseries. Kudos to Nokia’s Eseries Team!!

If I miss anything.. Please post your comments or questions. Thank You!!