My Rant On Nokia USA Marketing Team!!


Just wanted to get this out of my chest. So ok you sponsored an Event so you can get Nokia N-Series exposures..

I give you +1 for reaching out to the right people. Sponsoring Events on Concerts is good idea..

Bad marketing: You hired the wrong people to feature your products..

As I was going around at the NYC Vice event I kept on asking the Nokia guys on what were they advertising. All they can tell me was “Its a Nokia N95 8GB, It has a 5MP camera and it has Multimedia capabilities.” Ok does are nice! Can you show me? “Here you click here and there goes the picture, look at how nice it is?” What was that? No wonder the rumor that was going around the Vice event was Nokia started making cameras. That is just plain wrong.. I mean I asked these guys if they knew S60 and they just asked me What is it?

Your advertising a N95-8GB and your wearing a Nokia N-Series uniform and you don’t know S60? Whoa.. That’s just plain wrong!!

So I tell em what S60 is and tell em that its what powers the N95 phone. It is the reason for its Multimedia capabilities. Made an example again about my Gun and Bullet theory. The N95 is the Gun and S60 being the bullet. With the gun but without a bullet you have nothing.

I even showed em my neat applications on my N95 and explain to them what my applications can do and they were shock on what they heard and seen.

So Nokia Marketing? Is this the type of Marketing you will do to the US? Cause I have seen people ignoring does staff that you hired at the Nokia Vice Event.

Cause in my Opinion.. In order for me to buy on something that you are trying to offer, you have to show me, you can’t just tell me, I know does features are very impressive but if I don’t know how to use em its useless. Especially on how easy to use S60 UI. I mean listening to the features can sometimes sounds complicated to use but with S60, it makes em very user friendly and easy to use.

All I can say is Nokia Marketing is lucky to have WOM World Nokia and the S60 Ambassador Program..

Without these 2 “World of Mouth” organizations. I don’t know how Nokia can connect with the mass consumers out there.

EDIT: Just wanted to share my friend Dan from Mobile Dan’s Rant about his take on Nokia’s Marketing. Click here.