New Sony Ericsson 8 MP Cybershot Phone Floats Around The Web


I saw this one floating around Engadget and GSMArena. All I can say is WoW!! 8MP camera on a phone. Its about time they put a challenge to Nokia. Well my 1st impression on the phone was WoW! Its a beautiful looking phone, 1st of I love the sleek design of the K790 and it actually looks like one on slider form which challenge the Nokia N95. SE like Samsung are know for their very good constructive on phones, no squeaky cheap materials unlike Nokia on some phones. But lets see about this phone. Heard some really nice features about it with led and Xenon flash together and features like face detection, image stabilization, and a new feature called Smart Contrast. It also packs GPS, WiFi, and TV out.. WoW! That’s sounds like the N95 hehehehe. Well its not cause one thing about this phone is it runs on Java like all other SE Cybershot phones and K-Series not a smartphone. If only SE collaborated with S60 this will be a total challenge to Nokia. I mean I know I’m dreaming, Nokia owns S60 and why would they sell a license to SE to run on S60. That’s like me getting mugged giving the mugger a knife and telling him to stab me. Well I do hope this sets a wake up call to Nokia’s Research and Development. Well who knows, Nokia has stood quiet for sometime now. Like SE whenever they stay quiet something is always in the works. I just hope it better not be does rumored leaked phone I posted couple of days ago. They don’t look like flagship material. Anyways will update you guys on any fresh news about this phone.