Health Tech: Fitbit Surge [LEAK]


Following closely behind leak on the Fitbit Charge & Charge HR, a new leak appeared online this week relating to an even more impressive wearable fitness tracker from Fitbit and it goes under the name of the Fitbit Surge. This latest leak is thanks to an article on The Verge… Read more »

Critical Update on WP Devices – Only Preview for Developers

Microsoft has released a critical update (8.10.14192.280) to their Windows Phone OS only for the users in the Preview for Developers Program. This update started seeding from Thursday of this week and is available to everyone who are in this Program. According to Mike Mongeau who is now the Supportability… Read more »

First Microsoft Lumia branded device to be unveiled soon


Microsoft/Nokia has officially announced the brand name change of its Windows Phones from Nokia Lumia to Microsoft Lumia. In an interview with Nokia Conversations, Tuula Rytil√§, MIcrosoft’s Senior Vice President of Marketing for Phones, she discussed the changes that have been made and ¬†those that are coming. Tuula made the… Read more »

9.3 Million Lumia Devices Sold in Q3 2014


Microsoft have released their earnings report for the last quarter, and sales of Lumia devices have reached their highest ever figures, achieved by strong performance of low end devices as well as the arrival of Windows Phone 8.1. 9.3 million Lumia smartphones sold between the start of July and the… Read more »

Here Maps on Android, Samsung Exclusivity Agreement Ends


The agreement between Samsung and Here Maps, which gave the South Korean smartphone manufacturers exclusive use of Here Maps on Android devices has come to an end, meaning Here, owned by Nokia and highly praised on the Windows Phone platform, can be installed on any Android device running Jellybean or… Read more »

Microsoft Windows SmartWatch passes through FCC.


  According to new FCC document made public recently, Microsoft will be announcing a wearable wireless (Bluetooth LE) mobile device soon. This fuels the rumors we have heard that a smart-watch launch by Microsoft is imminent. Not much is known about the device, especially since Microsoft put in a request… Read more »