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No big build up here just some free app for the day!!

Nokia “Has No Plans” to Make Smartphones in 2016


Nokia have moved to dispel news stories which started circulating on Friday that they would be returning to smartphone manufacturing in 2016, as soon as their agreement with Microsoft not to make devices expires. Nokia’s President of China Mike Wang was reported to have confirmed rumours that the Finnish company… Read more »

Screen Shots of New Windows 10 for Phones With Extra Live Tiles


Some new pictures of Window 10 for Phones, build 10070 of the technical preview have come to light which show the Start Screen with extra rows of Live Tiles. The pictures, which appear on Polish blog/forum WindowsMania reveal that we could be able to line up 8 small tiles side… Read more »

@LumiaHelp really did help!


So there I was, trying to be a clever bugger and type a text using only one hand… on my Nokia Lumia 1520. The 1520 is not a diminutive device by any stretch of the imagination, and this thing will end up being (along with its lesser cousin, the 1320)… Read more »

Elephone to launch dual booting Android/Windows phone in June


Looks like we may see some dual booting devices hitting the market soon, as Chinese manufacturer Elephone has announced the release of a dual Android/Windows 1o device. The phone is said to feature a 2k 5.5″ display with 4 gb of RAM, following suit with the Ausus Zenfone 2. Other… Read more »

Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10061: Download ISO File


Windows 10 will be the next big thing of Microsoft once it has been released and therefore it is understandable that Microsoft is working very hard on making it the best operating system ever announced by the company. To show us the effort they are investing in Windows 10 the… Read more »

Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10061: Known Issues for this Build


Late last night, depending on where you are from, Microsoft has released another Build of the Windows 10 Technical Preview. We have already published an article where you can find a detailed list of all new Features which have been included in this Build, and there is also an article… Read more »