Halo Wars 2: Start playing on your Console and end it on your PC


Halo is a long ongoing shooter row from Microsoft. It is a very traditional game and since it was released for the first time, the game was exclusively available to the Xbox One. However with Windows 10 Microsoft is bringing universal operating system for all of their platforms and with… Read more »

Windows 10 coming to Xbox One in November for free


Microsoft is currently attending the Gamescom 2015 which is held in Germany and the company has a close schedule with new game announcements for Xbox, Windows 10 and Xbox exclusive, new gadgets and hardware and other stuff. However as you might know Microsoft has released a next generation and probably… Read more »

New Photos of Lumia 950 XL/CityMan


A few photos of the as yet unannounced Lumia 950XL, codenamed Cityman as well as screen shots taken from the up coming Windows 10 Mobile flagship have been leaked on chinese site WPXap showing off the 5.7 inch 2K display along with the MicroUSB Type C port, which is placed… Read more »

AT&T: “Lumia Denim will never come to the Lumia 830″


Lumia Denim is pretty awesome, bringing great capabilities to devices like HDR and 2k recording. Unfortunately for owners of the Lumia 830, it looks like the device may never see the software. Released in October of 2014, the Lumia 830 was a real contender in the Windows phone market. The… Read more »