Lumia Icon could possibly see Denim update in February


While Lumia Denim has been rolling out to more and more people, Verizon Lumia Icon users have been left behind wondering when they can expect to see it. After running into some issues during testing, Microsoft and Verizon decided to hold back on releasing the update until they got things… Read more »

The Microsoft Lumia 935: rendered images


  Check out these stunning images of the Microsoft Lumia 935 that just surfaced courtesy Ryan Smalley from… This looks like a cross between the iPhone 5C and the Lumia 1020 with the slim thickness of the Nokia C7 from Symbian days. The Specs include… 31MP Carl Zeiss camera.… Read more »

High end Lumia running Windows 10 for Phone coming early?


Microsoft set to announce a high-end flagship Lumia device (Lumia 1030, codename: McLaren) running Windows 10 is going to be launched as early as May this year. According to WPDang, Microsoft will announce a high end Lumia device running Windows 10. They also say 2 new Lumia models will be… Read more »

OTS Team: What are our favorite Windows 10 features?


It’s been little over a week since Microsoft’s Windows 10 event where they unveiled many of the consumer features headed to the next major iteration of Windows. Redmond gave us many cool new features for PC’s as well as the first look at what to expect for tablets and mobile… Read more »

T-MobileUS will ignore bad credit in new move for #SmartphoneEquality


Just when it seems like there couldn’t possibly be anymore industry pain-points to tackle, T-Mobile always seems to find another one. The unstoppable Uncarrier is at it again with their industry-challenging moves and this time, T-Mobile is working to get a smartphone in everyone’s hands, regardless of your credit history.… Read more »

Lumia Camera will be the default on all Windows 10 devices


One interesting bit of news that we didn’t really hear about during Microsoft’s Windows 10 event had to do with the camera. According to Engadget, the Lumia Camera will become the default camera app on all Windows 10 devices. That means you’ll get the same pretty much the same experience… Read more »